Sunday, July 31, 2011

Having trouble with photos today, sorry

I finally got to get up to sunshine, omg. Man it's nice to be able to make some coffe and take my time getting everything ready. It was cold last night, maybe the coldest night of the trip, somewhere around 45* but I was warm and dry in my little house of cloth. I have a very easy day today. I only have 100 miles to Skagway so I'll just hang out in the warm blue sky for a bit. I've been meeting more riders now and everybody is happy to see the sun. I still haven't met anyone that has traveled further, altho I've heard of a couple riding from south america, but it might just be more of that wonderfully accurate information you get in Alaska.
So Mom, I'm back in Canada so no phone calls for a few days. I'm not sure what the wifi situation on the boat will be, so it may be I'm going to the dark side of the moon for a bit. The boat lands in the real America (lower 48) on my birthday 8/05. So that will be an excellent gift.
It feels good to be heading home. For those in Chicago watching, keep watching, I'm not sure what my route will be as I haven't looked at a map in a few weeks, but I hope to be able to swing through for a day. So keep watching.
Again thanks for all the comments, they keep me in good spirits on the hard days. And there have been some hard days. But those are also some of the best.
So I'm off to somewhere.


Anonymous said...

In case we lose comm. Happy Birthday little brother. Thanks for taking us with into the artic circle. We are looking forward to your return. Have a great sail...GC

Anonymous said...

Marie in Tampa here, also wishing you a Happy Birthday! Stay safe, best wishes to you, and Happy Trails!