Friday, July 22, 2011


I've been riding for about an hour now. The weather is cold and raining, but noting like the bone chilling cold of yesterday. Low hills and smooth roads.
I have become addicted to the visitor centers here. In the states we have them on the interstates each time you enter a new state. They cost millions to build and are staffed by retired folks that will give you a thing about KOA and that's about it.
Here they have one in every town over 1000 people. They are in small buildings and staffed by young and middle aged people that work for the government. They don't get paid much and work long hours, well long hours for Canada. The do get a good retirement package and free health care. I haven't met anyone that has anything bad to say about the quality of care they receive, then again everybody looks healthy up here.
The service they provide is excellent. The have all the pricing of hotels and camping, the give you road closers and weather, and they love to chat while I warm up. They'll give you free coffe if your cold or cold water if your hot. I can't say enough about how nice these folks are.
Well I've had my Mc Dee's coffe and free wi fi and I'm off.


Anonymous said...

are you waiting for someone in particular to show up??? never had a photo taken in the head!!!


Anonymous said...

Loving the outdoor pics!

Disposable dry chemical heat packs tucked in your mittens do a great job at keeping your knuckles working well for 8-12 hour stretches if your hands are getting cold.

The heat warming your blood will help the rest of you warm up too. (I've ridden in -20f weather with them.) Stops were still important though.

Keep the shiny side up!
Don T.

Greg said...


Got the link for this from Chuck. It's a very refreshing blog. Nice job, keep it up. As for the cold, I might trade you a bit of heat for it. 90 degrees inside the boat with the AC running today, 95 at the nav station. Hang in there and enjoy it all, I'm sure it just going to get better!


Anonymous said...

They are not allowed to say anything bad about the government or the secret socialist police take them away...