Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 5 and 6

It seems that some times when I try to save a post I can't post it later. So here's 5 and 6
After leaving Keven's house I headed for the mountains. It was awesome awesome, double dine-o-mite. The weather was perfect, the roads where smooth and curvey. I road until late and found a campsite for 5 dollars a few miles down a dirt road. It was right on a river and there where only 4 other campers.
I got an early start the next day and was cold for the first time on my trip. My campsite was at 9000 ft and it was a cool ride in the morning. The roads just got better than they were the day before. I left cool Colorado and headed back into desert. Ut is hot and dry. I finally made it back into the mountains and am currently camped on the edge of a cliff. It's cool, the wind is blowing and I'm looking forward to a good night sleep.

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