Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday 17th

I may have lost count of the days, so I'll just go with the date from now on.
Today was the first downer of a day. It started out all good, nice roads, clear weather. But then the road became straight, long and hot. I had nice mountain views on both sides, but that was about it. After a few hundred miles I climbed back up into the mountains and over a pass. When I came down on the other side I was in Jackson Hole. One of nicest places I remember from my youth. 30 years ago it was a sleepy ski town. Now it's a crazy "ski resort" with a thousand people all going in circles try to find something, happyness, beauty, quite, none of which were easy to find here.
After that I headed up to the National park to find a spot for thre night. When I reached the gate they told me it was $20 just to get in, and camping was extra. A first for me with a national park. I asked what gives? They told me that the park is run by a company that owns all the concessions. So i asked about camping, the answer was, I don't know. To make a long story short, after checking with every campground I came to I was told they were full, but the next one has space. This went on for 100 miles. The very last campground was full #@$&$#
So I drove around the campground anyway and found some guys on bikes, started to tell them my situation,but before I could finnish they invited me to share their spot.
End of a very long day.
I don't tink I stil be going back to the "yellowstone amusement park" anytime soon. This is what happens when you sell off National treasures.


christa said...

great to talk to u today, back from sailing, beautiful trip, but not my soulmate for sure....keep up w the great pics and above all be safe. love ur sis

Anonymous said...

it's day hotter than hell with the pictures


happy trails to you...