Friday, July 29, 2011


Well I mad it back to Tok. I checked on the fairy and bad news. It's not $450 like I had been told, shock. It's $850. So after leaving and returning and leaving and returning again I finally gave up and gave them my money. My boat leaves on monday from Skagway so I have a few days to explore. After that Iwas thinking I would ride the "top of the world hwy" and stop in Chicken Alaska, then on to Dawson City. But after looking at my back tire I decided to go back to the campground I had stayed at on my way up. I was so disgusted at getting jacked by the one armed gold diggers at the fairy I decided to have a beer before I set up my tent.
On my last visit there the locals had told me about this elusive biker crazy Walter.
Just my luck he was sitting at the bar. Crazy Walter it turns out has driven tour buses all over the world. And not just your ordinary buses. These are all wheel drive buses. He has driven across china, afghanistan, libya, and countless more. He's big German guy, and now that he's retried he's riding his BMW all over Alaska. Well we got to talking and drinking and before long we were old friends. After a few more beers we needed to set up our tents. As it was now raining the lady working the bar told me I could us one of the camping spots that had a overhead cover, that it turns out were built by Walter for his bus when we would travel through here. So off we went, it was a race to see who could finish first. Walter says he won, but with walter the truth maybe a little shaded. I think I was finished first but was just being polite. When we returned it was my turn to buy a round for the bar. Me, Walter, and Ernie who I had met on my last visit. Walter informed me that my tire would last two thousand more miles, and coming from a man that has changed tires on a bus in the middle of Africa while watching for lions his information has to be good.
I woke up this morning as you might expect. Head throbbing, raining outside and cold. It let up for a bit so I made a run for breakfast. I left my rain pants back at the tent and now it's pouring. So I'm stuck in the lobby of a nice hotel waiting for a let up in the rain. I don't know what my plans are for today, and that's been my existence in Alaska everyday. This is the hardest place to make plans and then follow through.


Anonymous said...

Say hi to crazy Walter and the boys from the fam...GC

Anonymous said...

your having way too much fun...