Wednesday, July 27, 2011

7/27 anchorage

Well I got up to rain again, this time no waiting, I'm up packed and out. Denali was covered in rain and I didn't get to see much. The lower mountains were very nice and the ride was un eventful, and that's a good thing. The rain finally let up and the sun started to come out.
Half way to wasilla I stopped and asked a guy where the next fuel stop was. He said it's at least 50 miles. That was doable but just barely. So I parked the bike and went into the store. On my way out I found a fella with no teeth, looking like a local I asked him how far to the next gas. He said it's right over there on the other side of those trees. But then he added that 14 miles down the road is a big truck stop and the fuel is much cheaper, finally an honest man, no teeth but honest.
I made my way into wasilla and maybe it's when you come from the mountains it looks like crap, but it does. It got better as I went, but my first impression was of a city on the decline. I looked but couldn't find sarah, maybe she's off killing something. The city is surrounded on three sides by big mountains and wonderful views, I could see how growing up in this place might leave you with an impression of the world that might not be to clear. Surrounded by beauty, isolated from the outside, and from what I can tell an easy going grope of folks. As I'm writing this outside my window at Mcdonalds people are walking in all directions, strolling, going places or maybe just walking in circles. But the fact that it's 10:00 pm and it's light out and people are walking about is something you don't see in other places in the country. I'm not saying it's wrong, it's just something you don't see everyday. In the lower 48 if it's more than a block we drive. Here they walk or ride bikes, I'm sure in winter you might even see some sled dogs. This is not your typical America city.
So I continued on to Anchorage and am camped for free at the local Harely dealership. They give you a code for free showers and bathrooms, along with free coffe in the morning. Very nice!! Tomorrow I'm going to try to find out about the boat from Skagway, keep your fingers and toes crossed.
So I'm off to the pub across the street and then to bed.


Anonymous said...

You are in "Northern Exposure" country now. Any sign of Dr. Joel Fleishman?


Anonymous said...

Are you going to stop in the Chicago area on your route back? GC