Wednesday, July 13, 2011

End of day 3

I got a pleasantly slow start today.
The past few days I've been navigating by the seat of my pants, and it usually bites me in the ass. I did a lot of miles yesterday, not all of them in the right direction.
Today I used the gps. I picked a spot out 600 miles out and then just followed the blue line. By the end of the day I had no idea where I was, only to find out I was just where I didn't want to be. I was right outside Dallas at rush hour. So I made a slight turn and found a state park.
The riding was HOT. But some of the roads were very nice. Winding through the soft hills of central Texas. The air is drying out so at least the shade is cooler and there is a nice breeze to help, but the riding in the sun is still very HOT.
I'm starting to get into the groove of riding, and then taking a brake to cool off. Things are getting easier. I'm still not thinking about how far I have to go, but just enjoying each day of riding for what it's worth. Tomorrow I ride again and as long as I'm heading in the general direction all is good.
Just had my first wildlife encounter as I'm typing this, a skunk just walked by me not more that 10 feet away, luckily he just kept walking.
Well that's all for tonight, it's off to bed.

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