Sunday, July 31, 2011

7/30 hot springs

After waking up in the billy bob thorton trailer without finding the walls covered in blood, mine or some other poor souls I took this to be good sign. It had rained all night long so no matter how freaky this place was it was a good find. The cold and rain every morning was getting old. But I was dry and starting off the day with good spirits. The ride was cold and wet, no real rain but the air was thick and wet. It lasted most of the day but by the time I was getting close to the hot springs the sky was finally turning blue. Man blue sky never looked better. It was still cold but things were looking up. By the time I arrived at the springs it was warm and blue and dry and wonderful.
The springs aren't as bad as before, but they still want money for anything you could think of you might want, but their prices are better and the people that run it are much more friendly.
I plan on a nice relaxing night and a short run down to Skagway tomorrow. The good news about the fairy is, I was talking to a couple that will be on the same boat as me and they told me that the camping is indoors under a clear roof and it's heated. So for me this will be like a 4 star hotel. Really looking forward to it.

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