Thursday, July 21, 2011

7/20 and 7/21

I dont have long to post right now as I'm trying to get to a campground before to late.
After entering canada I headed for Bamff national park. Yellowstone has nothing on this place. The are by far the most majestic mountains% have ever seen.
I danced with clouds all day and never got wet.
I made to mt.roberts last night and set up camp. It started to rain about 10pm and didn't stop until 10am. So let the bitching about the cold begin. I waited for a brake in the rain to pack up and then hit the road. It's been raining ever since. I'm cold and wet. They tell me it's usually very nice, they can't understand way it's so bad. I tink they are in on it together. If they told you the truth why would anyone come here. Just bitching, i wouldn't miss it. If this was easy anybody could do it.
So I'm finally warm and it's time to rool

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