Wednesday, July 20, 2011

7/19 off to canada

I had a slow start due to a very comfy bed. After finally getting going I headed over to do my laundry the Christa Chaney way. I went to goodwill and picked up some new clothes and donated the old. I scored big with a pair of columbia pants for two bucks.
The ride out of the states was just a nice ride in cool weather, and smooth, straight roads.
Getting into Canada was easy. Asked me a few questions, wished me well on my trip and I was off. Fuel prices are only a bit higher, and everything else looks about the same money wise. I kept my no rain streak going, although I had to run out of the visitor center to beat a big black cloud coming my way. I made it my campsite set up my tent and crawled inside, after just a few minuets it started to rain. My new tent is excellent, I can't say enough good things about the people at REI sporting centers they saved my ass.  After the rain the temp dropped big time, who knew it gets cold here. Slept like a baby, it's so much easier in the cold than the heat.
Tomorrow I'm off to Bamf National park. I've wanted to go their for at least 30 years. When I was young my friends and I tried to put together a helicopter ski trip to bamf, but in the end we got cheap and went west. I tink that was a mistake, we should have sold everything for that trip. As you can tell I don't let trips slip past me with out a fight.
Well I'm off.


Geoffrey C said...

That new tent looks nice. Glad all is going well. I hope those socialists in Canada don't brainwash you. Keep the pics coming...

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt, it's Chuck. Debra sent me the link to your blog. It sounds like you're having a great time - I'm jealous!
If you spot any bowling alleys along the way, stop and have a beer or three for me.