Saturday, July 30, 2011

7/29 back to the Yukon

I finally made it back to camp in the rain. I waited in the lobby of the campground for awhile to see if things would improve, not. So off I set for the Yukon. The ride was wet, cold, and painful with my head hurting from all that formaldehyde they call Alaska amber.
I finally made my way to Destruction Bay in the Yukon. One gas station, a diner for $10 grilled cheez, and the lovely Rv park I stayed at. The girl at the gas station suggested I talk to Lionel next door at the Rv park. She called ahead so when I got there he put down his beer and said "you the guy" so I said yea. He said it might rain, but as it was raining I said the chance maybe a little higher than might. He told his campsites are $10 but if I wanted I could have one of the staff trailers for $20. He said it was clean and had heat. I was in. So off I went.
The trailer looks like something out of a horror movie. Mine is the one in the middle of three other trailers. They all had sean better days, much better days. But it was dry, it had heat, okay heat might be a little much, maybe the heater put out enough heat to heat itself. But my boots were right up against it and are at least dry this morning. I have a short day to a hot springs for another go. I hope this one works out better.
Ps. Still raining, still cold, and I am still ready to go. Gerrrrrrrrrrr!

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