Tuesday, July 12, 2011

End of two

Okay I thought it would be an easy day, but that didn't happen. All started out well. I gor a good start and headed out of Florida, I blew right through Alabama and then I hit Louisiana. My Plan was to take LA 10 all the way across the center of the state. It's a small two lane reiss that goes from one small town to the next. I stopped at the first town I came to (it shale remain nameless) and went to the mini Walmart for a few things. It wasn't until I was heading out of town did I realize that it had been filed with mutants. The town only had 2 to 3 thousand people in it and I saw maybe 50. So here is what struck me as I left.
The air was filled with the smell of rot from a nearby paper mill. All was well until I entered the Walmart. Things looked normal at first, but as I made my way to the check out I noticed the women was covered in bumps, much like a lepper. But okay some people have challenges in life. Than I noticed the gay women in trying of me, she stood 4 feet tall and was crooked. Her girl friend showed up and she was 6 tall, googled eyed and no teeth. As I headed out of town, I was stopped at a green light for ever while an old man, all bent over and talking to him self worked his way across the street never once looking up. All the cars just sat there waiting. A little way down the road a man wearing long pants, a heavy coat and soo much hair he looked like a small big foot was walking along with out a care in the world. The dwellings they lived in were half caved in houses, rusted trailers, and other things covered in plastic. This town was freaking me out.
A few miles down the road I came to a place that was as different as the sun is to the moon. It was a group of homes with front yards that were massive. They had big gates, manicured lawns and large ponds. The homes were of the old south, large porches, big white pillars and very impressive. I road on in a state off concussion.
In the state of Louisiana they don't tell you things they think you should already know, things like the bridge across the Mississippy river fell down a few years ag goodo. So a long detour to find a bridge. Once I was across and picked up LA10 again all was good. Not. An hour later the road just ends with a sign that says road closed. So back I go.
In the end it was indoor camping at the Super 8.
12 hours 500 miles later I think you could say it wasn't the easy day I was looking forward to.
But hey I'm sleeping indoors, so there is that.

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