Sunday, July 31, 2011

Having trouble with photos today, sorry

I finally got to get up to sunshine, omg. Man it's nice to be able to make some coffe and take my time getting everything ready. It was cold last night, maybe the coldest night of the trip, somewhere around 45* but I was warm and dry in my little house of cloth. I have a very easy day today. I only have 100 miles to Skagway so I'll just hang out in the warm blue sky for a bit. I've been meeting more riders now and everybody is happy to see the sun. I still haven't met anyone that has traveled further, altho I've heard of a couple riding from south america, but it might just be more of that wonderfully accurate information you get in Alaska.
So Mom, I'm back in Canada so no phone calls for a few days. I'm not sure what the wifi situation on the boat will be, so it may be I'm going to the dark side of the moon for a bit. The boat lands in the real America (lower 48) on my birthday 8/05. So that will be an excellent gift.
It feels good to be heading home. For those in Chicago watching, keep watching, I'm not sure what my route will be as I haven't looked at a map in a few weeks, but I hope to be able to swing through for a day. So keep watching.
Again thanks for all the comments, they keep me in good spirits on the hard days. And there have been some hard days. But those are also some of the best.
So I'm off to somewhere.

7/30 hot springs

After waking up in the billy bob thorton trailer without finding the walls covered in blood, mine or some other poor souls I took this to be good sign. It had rained all night long so no matter how freaky this place was it was a good find. The cold and rain every morning was getting old. But I was dry and starting off the day with good spirits. The ride was cold and wet, no real rain but the air was thick and wet. It lasted most of the day but by the time I was getting close to the hot springs the sky was finally turning blue. Man blue sky never looked better. It was still cold but things were looking up. By the time I arrived at the springs it was warm and blue and dry and wonderful.
The springs aren't as bad as before, but they still want money for anything you could think of you might want, but their prices are better and the people that run it are much more friendly.
I plan on a nice relaxing night and a short run down to Skagway tomorrow. The good news about the fairy is, I was talking to a couple that will be on the same boat as me and they told me that the camping is indoors under a clear roof and it's heated. So for me this will be like a 4 star hotel. Really looking forward to it.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


7/29 back to the Yukon

I finally made it back to camp in the rain. I waited in the lobby of the campground for awhile to see if things would improve, not. So off I set for the Yukon. The ride was wet, cold, and painful with my head hurting from all that formaldehyde they call Alaska amber.
I finally made my way to Destruction Bay in the Yukon. One gas station, a diner for $10 grilled cheez, and the lovely Rv park I stayed at. The girl at the gas station suggested I talk to Lionel next door at the Rv park. She called ahead so when I got there he put down his beer and said "you the guy" so I said yea. He said it might rain, but as it was raining I said the chance maybe a little higher than might. He told his campsites are $10 but if I wanted I could have one of the staff trailers for $20. He said it was clean and had heat. I was in. So off I went.
The trailer looks like something out of a horror movie. Mine is the one in the middle of three other trailers. They all had sean better days, much better days. But it was dry, it had heat, okay heat might be a little much, maybe the heater put out enough heat to heat itself. But my boots were right up against it and are at least dry this morning. I have a short day to a hot springs for another go. I hope this one works out better.
Ps. Still raining, still cold, and I am still ready to go. Gerrrrrrrrrrr!

Friday, July 29, 2011


Well I mad it back to Tok. I checked on the fairy and bad news. It's not $450 like I had been told, shock. It's $850. So after leaving and returning and leaving and returning again I finally gave up and gave them my money. My boat leaves on monday from Skagway so I have a few days to explore. After that Iwas thinking I would ride the "top of the world hwy" and stop in Chicken Alaska, then on to Dawson City. But after looking at my back tire I decided to go back to the campground I had stayed at on my way up. I was so disgusted at getting jacked by the one armed gold diggers at the fairy I decided to have a beer before I set up my tent.
On my last visit there the locals had told me about this elusive biker crazy Walter.
Just my luck he was sitting at the bar. Crazy Walter it turns out has driven tour buses all over the world. And not just your ordinary buses. These are all wheel drive buses. He has driven across china, afghanistan, libya, and countless more. He's big German guy, and now that he's retried he's riding his BMW all over Alaska. Well we got to talking and drinking and before long we were old friends. After a few more beers we needed to set up our tents. As it was now raining the lady working the bar told me I could us one of the camping spots that had a overhead cover, that it turns out were built by Walter for his bus when we would travel through here. So off we went, it was a race to see who could finish first. Walter says he won, but with walter the truth maybe a little shaded. I think I was finished first but was just being polite. When we returned it was my turn to buy a round for the bar. Me, Walter, and Ernie who I had met on my last visit. Walter informed me that my tire would last two thousand more miles, and coming from a man that has changed tires on a bus in the middle of Africa while watching for lions his information has to be good.
I woke up this morning as you might expect. Head throbbing, raining outside and cold. It let up for a bit so I made a run for breakfast. I left my rain pants back at the tent and now it's pouring. So I'm stuck in the lobby of a nice hotel waiting for a let up in the rain. I don't know what my plans are for today, and that's been my existence in Alaska everyday. This is the hardest place to make plans and then follow through.

Some pictures

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

7/27 anchorage

Well I got up to rain again, this time no waiting, I'm up packed and out. Denali was covered in rain and I didn't get to see much. The lower mountains were very nice and the ride was un eventful, and that's a good thing. The rain finally let up and the sun started to come out.
Half way to wasilla I stopped and asked a guy where the next fuel stop was. He said it's at least 50 miles. That was doable but just barely. So I parked the bike and went into the store. On my way out I found a fella with no teeth, looking like a local I asked him how far to the next gas. He said it's right over there on the other side of those trees. But then he added that 14 miles down the road is a big truck stop and the fuel is much cheaper, finally an honest man, no teeth but honest.
I made my way into wasilla and maybe it's when you come from the mountains it looks like crap, but it does. It got better as I went, but my first impression was of a city on the decline. I looked but couldn't find sarah, maybe she's off killing something. The city is surrounded on three sides by big mountains and wonderful views, I could see how growing up in this place might leave you with an impression of the world that might not be to clear. Surrounded by beauty, isolated from the outside, and from what I can tell an easy going grope of folks. As I'm writing this outside my window at Mcdonalds people are walking in all directions, strolling, going places or maybe just walking in circles. But the fact that it's 10:00 pm and it's light out and people are walking about is something you don't see in other places in the country. I'm not saying it's wrong, it's just something you don't see everyday. In the lower 48 if it's more than a block we drive. Here they walk or ride bikes, I'm sure in winter you might even see some sled dogs. This is not your typical America city.
So I continued on to Anchorage and am camped for free at the local Harely dealership. They give you a code for free showers and bathrooms, along with free coffe in the morning. Very nice!! Tomorrow I'm going to try to find out about the boat from Skagway, keep your fingers and toes crossed.
So I'm off to the pub across the street and then to bed.

Downtown Wasilla

No sign of Sarah yet, but the locals look goofy. I'm at the local hang out I think. The kids are big into face jewelry, so yesterday.
Coming into town I passed what I first thought was a skid row kind of thing, but then relied realized that they were ice fishing shacks, but I think people were living in them, not to sure though it could be some kind of flee market. The mountains are beautiful but the town not so much. Lots of bars, pawn shops and churches and litter. But I'm sure Sarah's smile would brighten this place up.
So I'm off to Anchorage


I've been having issues sending photos, so I'll try to send them with a very small post. Things are well. Heading for anchorage in the rain. Good stuff.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7/26 the best laid plans

I made it the North Pole easy, nice ride with good weather, but a bit flat and straight. I met up with John and Barbara and had a wonderful diner, it's always nice to get some home cooking. After diner we looked at the map and it looked like if I wanted to get to the artic circle I would need to be above Fairbanks to do out, so I shoved off.
I filled the fuel tank and faded up the hill. Just past the hilltop gas station was a sign says last fuel for 117 miles. No big thing I can 220 or so. After a few miles I decided to go back and make sure. When I got there I asked a truck driver if there was fuel at 117, he said no, they closed up a few years ago. So I asked him if there was someplace to camp. He said there were some hot springs with camping back about 30 miles. So off I went. When I finally got to the turn off it said 27 miles to the springs, so off I went. After 30 miles I stopped and asked a guy where it was and he said 30 miles down the road. I said the sign said 27 miles from the turn off, he smiled and said it's stil 30 miles down the road. So off I went. After a few more miles I found a gas station in the middle of nowhere and asked the three people inside if they knew if there was camping at this mystical springs, the first one said she had no idea, the second one said this is Alaska just camp anywhere you want, and the third one said yea there's camping there. Three people, three answers, this is becoming typical here in Alaska, maybe it's due to there gold rush days when everybody was selling each other worthless gold mine claims. So off I went. When I finally got there it was beautiful, I went to the front desk and the guy said camping was $20 so off I went to pitch my tent. When I came back and asked him where the showers were he said there right over there and there $10 so I said where are the hot springs and he said there right over there and there $10, so I said where is the wifi wmnf he said in that building over there and it's $10. SO OFF I WENT TO MY TENT.
On my way I met two english guys that had just been up the road with no fuel and they said there is indeed fuel at the 117 mile marker but the road was nasty and muddy and they wouldn't do it again if it got a worse. So off I went to my tent. Just as I was thinking I would run it tomorrow and then come back here and invest in the hot springs it started to rain. It kept raining all night long ands in the morning I emmy and had a $15 plate of eggs.
After my nap it was still raining, so I got up and packed up in the rain. I'm on my way to denali national park tomorrow and then on to Anchorage.
So shower, laundry, and off to bed. By the way I love my new tent. Didn't leak a drop and was easy to dry out before I set it back up. Looks like rain again tonight. That's fine just dont be raining when I take down my tent.
Dryer is done!

Monday, July 25, 2011

7/25 good morning

Excellent night of sleep. I'm trying a new system, I put on a blindfold and it seems to make a big difference. I have very short day planed today. I'm going to the North Pole. It's only about 200 miles from here, so it's like costing down hill. I'll be looking up some friends of my moms, and am hoping for my first home cooked meal in a long time.
My plans my have changed a bit. I am at the very end of the two weeks of summer. Before I left people told me this, and I thought it was a nice funny thing to say about Alaska. Turns ot there is some truth to it. Up at Deadhourse winter is already arriving. One day it could be nice, the next a mess. So my new plan my include a boat ride along the inside passage. It's a trip that takes 3 days and drops me back in the USA. I was thinking about it before I left, but was told it was $1600+ and that was to much for my budget. But now that I'm here I'm hearing that it may only be $450 or so, and that might fit in my finances.
With that I have finished my $13.00 french toast and am headed back to pack up camp.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


We'll if finally made it. I'm tried today, I'd like to think it was the long ride from Florida, but more likely it was the beer and little sleep. But I'm here. Now it's time for a shower, I haven't had one in a few days,i give you a number but I can't remember. The girl at the visitor center highly recommended a hot springs for me the other day. That could have been a hint.

7/24 end of second week

I had a great time at the music festival last night. I met a very hot looking med a vac pilot, but then her moose of a Yukon boyfriend showed up. As I didn't want to need her services professionally I slowly wondered off. I wound up talking to a couple fellow bikers from Colorado that where headed back home. Most of the bikers I meet are headed home. I may have missed the two weeks of summer. I did get a little bit of a late start as the parties go late here. They where still playing volleyball at 4:30 as it's still light.
The ride this morning has been a bit rough. The weathers is a bit cold and the roads is tore up due to frost heaves, what ever those are. There are large sections of gravel and large holes to avoid.
I have a few more hours ride to get to Alaska, but it's getting close.
I feel good but a bit tired.


Did a lot of miles today, trying to make it to Alaska tomorrow. The weather has been fantastic, cloudy and cool in the morning, sunny and warm in the afternoon. I made it north of whitehorse in the Yukon and found a music festival out in a field. So I set up camp and am heading over to the beer tent. The locals look friendly, but you never know how these will turn out. I'm not even sure what kind of music festival it is. I got here about 7:30 but when it doesn't get dark until 11:00 things start kind of late. It's close to 9:00 and people are still steaming in and setting up camp. I have a feeling out will be a late start tomorrow.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

End of 7/22

Had a great day riding today. Started out raining and cold, but the sun came out and the temp went up. By the end of the day the weather was perfect for riding. Hwy 37 takes you out into nowhere land. I've never seen wilderness like this before. To think trappers came out over a hundred years ago with no maps and no idea what they would find it's amazing to me.
I saw 4 bears and two moose today. I only got one picture of a bear, but you have to look hard. I stopped some distance back to take the photo, but than had to ride within 10 feet of him to get past.
I'm camped in an Indian reservation and hope to leave with my scalp. I hote to make it to the Yukon tomorrow, but distance is hard to gage up here.

Friday, July 22, 2011


I've been riding for about an hour now. The weather is cold and raining, but noting like the bone chilling cold of yesterday. Low hills and smooth roads.
I have become addicted to the visitor centers here. In the states we have them on the interstates each time you enter a new state. They cost millions to build and are staffed by retired folks that will give you a thing about KOA and that's about it.
Here they have one in every town over 1000 people. They are in small buildings and staffed by young and middle aged people that work for the government. They don't get paid much and work long hours, well long hours for Canada. The do get a good retirement package and free health care. I haven't met anyone that has anything bad to say about the quality of care they receive, then again everybody looks healthy up here.
The service they provide is excellent. The have all the pricing of hotels and camping, the give you road closers and weather, and they love to chat while I warm up. They'll give you free coffe if your cold or cold water if your hot. I can't say enough about how nice these folks are.
Well I've had my Mc Dee's coffe and free wi fi and I'm off.

Note to reader

I was looking over some of my earlier posts and have made some discoveries. 1. I'm not in Burns Lake AK I'm in Burns lake BC. MISSED IT BY A VERY BIG MILE
2. there are allot of miss spelled words. There are a few reasons for this.
A. I can't spell, so get over it.
B. I am very tired when I type this stuff and don't spend enough time proof reading.
C. The google thing I use to do these just makes up words.
So I read with an open mind and I hope you get the general idea
Also the picture thing is getting harder. When it's cold and raining everything (camera) are packed away. My hands are in big gloves and they are a bitch to put on, so I try not to take them off.
The reason I'm writing this is, it's a stalling thing. It's raining and cold and I'm low on enthusiasm to be wet and cold.
But time to jump in.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

End of 7/21

So today was the hardest day of riding yet. The weather was just nasty, cold, wet and it stayed that way. Finally after several hundred miles the weather started to improve. I wouldn't say it got nice, but at least it wasn't nasty anymore. The weather should be better tomorrow. Somewhere in. the high 50s. What's funny is It's 77 in fairbanks today, so I'll just keep pushing. I'm in Burns Lake AK. and I decided to do indoor camping tonight. I needed to sit in a hot tub to both warm myself back up, and to try to relax my back. I'm still days away from getting to Alaska, but I do feel like I'm getting closer. I also feel like I'm very far from home, and it's going to be a long way home. But that's for another day. Now I push on.

7/20 and 7/21

I dont have long to post right now as I'm trying to get to a campground before to late.
After entering canada I headed for Bamff national park. Yellowstone has nothing on this place. The are by far the most majestic mountains% have ever seen.
I danced with clouds all day and never got wet.
I made to mt.roberts last night and set up camp. It started to rain about 10pm and didn't stop until 10am. So let the bitching about the cold begin. I waited for a brake in the rain to pack up and then hit the road. It's been raining ever since. I'm cold and wet. They tell me it's usually very nice, they can't understand way it's so bad. I tink they are in on it together. If they told you the truth why would anyone come here. Just bitching, i wouldn't miss it. If this was easy anybody could do it.
So I'm finally warm and it's time to rool

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

7/19 off to canada

I had a slow start due to a very comfy bed. After finally getting going I headed over to do my laundry the Christa Chaney way. I went to goodwill and picked up some new clothes and donated the old. I scored big with a pair of columbia pants for two bucks.
The ride out of the states was just a nice ride in cool weather, and smooth, straight roads.
Getting into Canada was easy. Asked me a few questions, wished me well on my trip and I was off. Fuel prices are only a bit higher, and everything else looks about the same money wise. I kept my no rain streak going, although I had to run out of the visitor center to beat a big black cloud coming my way. I made it my campsite set up my tent and crawled inside, after just a few minuets it started to rain. My new tent is excellent, I can't say enough good things about the people at REI sporting centers they saved my ass.  After the rain the temp dropped big time, who knew it gets cold here. Slept like a baby, it's so much easier in the cold than the heat.
Tomorrow I'm off to Bamf National park. I've wanted to go their for at least 30 years. When I was young my friends and I tried to put together a helicopter ski trip to bamf, but in the end we got cheap and went west. I tink that was a mistake, we should have sold everything for that trip. As you can tell I don't let trips slip past me with out a fight.
Well I'm off.

Monday, July 18, 2011

You can see forever in montana

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I want to be in those mountains

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Counting sheep before bed

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End of 7/18

I had a good time with my new friends last night. Lief was from europe and has spent the last few months riding through canada and now heads down through the states. Matt lives in montana and was just out for the weekend. Matt wound up at the campsite the same way I did. Out of time, out of luck, and welcomed with open arms by Leif.
We had a good time telling stories and comparing notes.
On a side note I broke one of the poles on my tent and was not sure what I was going to do about it. I made it work last night, but my fix was not going to last. So this morning I got on the web to see if the place I bought it from on the web had a brick and mortar some place close. With luck I found one that was right on my route. When I got there they told me the tent has been discontinued and they had no parts. Long face. Then they said they would give credit for a new tent. I left with a better tent and it cost me a total of $.07 that's right 7 cents. Back to smiling.
The rest of the ride today was hot hot hot. With a nice helping of construction zones. I was cooking. Finally I asked a road crew guy if there was some way around this mess and he showed me a way to head back into the mountains and avoid all the work zones, and I was off. In the end I decided to do indoor camping tonight as I'm heading into Canada tomorrow and I haven't had a shower in three days and they might not let me in. so a good night sleep and I'm off. When I'm in Canada I won't be posting as there is big charges from T mobil. So expect more in a few days.
Keep the comments coming.