Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7/26 the best laid plans

I made it the North Pole easy, nice ride with good weather, but a bit flat and straight. I met up with John and Barbara and had a wonderful diner, it's always nice to get some home cooking. After diner we looked at the map and it looked like if I wanted to get to the artic circle I would need to be above Fairbanks to do out, so I shoved off.
I filled the fuel tank and faded up the hill. Just past the hilltop gas station was a sign says last fuel for 117 miles. No big thing I can 220 or so. After a few miles I decided to go back and make sure. When I got there I asked a truck driver if there was fuel at 117, he said no, they closed up a few years ago. So I asked him if there was someplace to camp. He said there were some hot springs with camping back about 30 miles. So off I went. When I finally got to the turn off it said 27 miles to the springs, so off I went. After 30 miles I stopped and asked a guy where it was and he said 30 miles down the road. I said the sign said 27 miles from the turn off, he smiled and said it's stil 30 miles down the road. So off I went. After a few more miles I found a gas station in the middle of nowhere and asked the three people inside if they knew if there was camping at this mystical springs, the first one said she had no idea, the second one said this is Alaska just camp anywhere you want, and the third one said yea there's camping there. Three people, three answers, this is becoming typical here in Alaska, maybe it's due to there gold rush days when everybody was selling each other worthless gold mine claims. So off I went. When I finally got there it was beautiful, I went to the front desk and the guy said camping was $20 so off I went to pitch my tent. When I came back and asked him where the showers were he said there right over there and there $10 so I said where are the hot springs and he said there right over there and there $10, so I said where is the wifi wmnf he said in that building over there and it's $10. SO OFF I WENT TO MY TENT.
On my way I met two english guys that had just been up the road with no fuel and they said there is indeed fuel at the 117 mile marker but the road was nasty and muddy and they wouldn't do it again if it got a worse. So off I went to my tent. Just as I was thinking I would run it tomorrow and then come back here and invest in the hot springs it started to rain. It kept raining all night long ands in the morning I emmy and had a $15 plate of eggs.
After my nap it was still raining, so I got up and packed up in the rain. I'm on my way to denali national park tomorrow and then on to Anchorage.
So shower, laundry, and off to bed. By the way I love my new tent. Didn't leak a drop and was easy to dry out before I set it back up. Looks like rain again tonight. That's fine just dont be raining when I take down my tent.
Dryer is done!

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Anonymous said...

Rain without,rain within, the water of life makes us all one kin...GC