Sunday, July 24, 2011

7/24 end of second week

I had a great time at the music festival last night. I met a very hot looking med a vac pilot, but then her moose of a Yukon boyfriend showed up. As I didn't want to need her services professionally I slowly wondered off. I wound up talking to a couple fellow bikers from Colorado that where headed back home. Most of the bikers I meet are headed home. I may have missed the two weeks of summer. I did get a little bit of a late start as the parties go late here. They where still playing volleyball at 4:30 as it's still light.
The ride this morning has been a bit rough. The weathers is a bit cold and the roads is tore up due to frost heaves, what ever those are. There are large sections of gravel and large holes to avoid.
I have a few more hours ride to get to Alaska, but it's getting close.
I feel good but a bit tired.

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Anonymous said...

I've been trying to send comments to no avail. This time Jim is helping me! Love the pictures and the prose. What an adventure! Don't let bears eat you. miss you alot, call when you can. Love, Mom. Jim also sends his regards!