Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just a few weeks more

I just got done working on the bike. I've put on new tires, brakes, spark plugs, air filter, chain, front and rear sprockets and changed the oil. The bike is ready to go. I've got all the camping gear ready to go. All I have left is a few little things to make life easier. I feel like I spend most of my days now thinking about the trip. Trying to figure out what I will see, how the camp grounds will be. Do I have enough warm clothes, will I be dry enough. I think the trip has already started. Now it's just a matter of getting on the bike and catching up to my mind. I know from experience that there is no way to know what I will find, but I have been enjoying trying.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Two more months

.Well I've got just two more months before I leave. It feels like I'm just coasting too the start line. Everything is ready and I'm just waiting for the start. I still have a days work on the bike getting it ready, but I've got the parts and it's just a matter of putting them on. I do hope to do one more camp and ride before I go. Try a few new tie down tricks, and pack and re-pack. But the truth is I'm ready, I mean I am really ready. I mean that I'm ready to go right NOW!!!!!
Waiting sucks

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Post test run.

The test run went very well. I was very tried the first day, my ass, my shoulders and my back were all very sore. The long ride in the dirt took it's toll. I did well packing and un packing, the bike ran well and I was able to send updates of my trip fairy easily. So it was a success, I accomplished the things I set out to and had a lot of fun doing it. Thw only thing I didn't do was make and send video. But that will come.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Day two of test ride

I had a great night sleep and was up early to get started on day two. Packing took a little longer than I would like, but I'm still experimenting with tie down options. The ride was a nice ride back through time. I found some little towns so far off the beaten path the looked like a movie set. If it wasn't for love bugs it would have been a wonderful day. At some points they got so thick it was like riding in the rain, only with guts. The day ended camping in Myaka state park with my sister and brother and some of their friends. For a state park they sure pack the campers in. All in all it was a great practice run. I learned a few things that need to be added and some things that can be left behind. So in closing, I'm getting closer, more prepared, and enthusiastic for the trip.