Monday, August 1, 2011


Wow what a ride. Okay it didn't start out so good. After I left White horse it started to rain, gee what a shock. After about 1/2 an hour the sun came back out and wow. Awesome awesome double dunk me in moose shit awesome. The ride to Skagway was beautiful. It took awhile to get there because I had to stop so many times to gawk at my surroundings. The weather was clear but cold, then I climbed back into the mountains and into the clouds. The temps kept dropping and the scenery just kept getting better. When I got to the top 5 miles from the US boarder there was a mounty in short sleeves. I stopped and asked him what he was doing, he said he was looking for drunks. I said it's clear who lives here and who doesn't. He laughed and said it's summer. I don't care what anybody says mountys are bad ass. No back up for days and he's just out there in short sleeves. I keep thinking about the the men and yes women that came here 150 years ago. Amazing. You can tell when you get back into the states. In Canada the small towns are all done up by the park service, they are there to preserve their heritage. The people that work there are grown ups and are happy to help.
In the states they are all staffed by collage kids and done up by corporations for profit. The whole town of Skagway has done away with free wifi, instead they all tell you they think you can get it over  here or over there, but when you get there all you get is a page telling you it's $6.95. I'm all for fre enterprise but give me a brake. Campsite is $30 plus $1.50 for a five minute shower. Lucky for me living on a boat I'm good at five minute showers. But enough of the whining. The place is cool.  I'm here and all is good.
I get the boat tomorrow and am looking forward to sitting on a nice soft chair for a few days.
I'll try to send this tomorrow from the library (government run)
So keep your fingers crossed.

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