Sunday, August 14, 2011


The long run starts. I pushed hard today and did over 600 miles. On an adventure like this you always want to end strong. It's best to make your big push the day before you arrive at base camp, so you can coast in the next day with a good snap in your step, a straight back and a firm hand shake for you're well wishers. You don't want to come dragging in dirty, tired and needing rest.

So with that said I road like the wind through a hard rain for the first few hours, than cleared some bumps the call the smokey mountains and into the heat. At about 4:00 I set up the hammock at a rest stop and took a nap for an hour. Up, rested and ready to ride I hit the road. The night was cool, the traffic was light and I kept riding. By the time I stopped I only had 289 mile to home.

A nice rest, a good shower, and a hot breakfast and I'm ready to make my stroll for home.

Vacations end to soon, adventures blissfully come to an end.

Tomorrow is my end.

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Zendo Deb said...

Are you back in FL or IL? You previous posts spoke of Iowa, and Kansas City. So I assume IL.

Are you riding your way home, or taking a break and leaving the bike in Chicago?