Monday, August 8, 2011

8/08 end of the day

I had a late start what with meeting my new bff, or at least he thinks so. I know I'm solidly back in the lower 48. I had coffe and french toast and it only cost $5.00 winning!

The ride was easy today, I think my second wind finally kicked in. The boat trip that was 3 days according to the folks in Alaska, that stated on the 1st and went until the 5th was a nice rest but I think it let all the nerves in my ass that I had killed start to grow back. By the end of the day I was feeling strong.

I missed out on the road to the sun but I think I might now go right by the Sturges bike week in full tilt boggy. So now I'll get to see thousands of tough guy wanna be's drinking and riding motorcycles, just my kind thing. Then again all the half naked biker chicks are my kinda thing.

I camped out in a KOA just outside of the north end of Yellowstone, they aren't getting another $25 from me to see a park that is owned by we the people.

So tomorrow I continue my trek home

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