Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I'm working on getting out of Montana. Man this is a big state. I stopped at little big horn national battle field. They wanted $10 to get in. I refuse to pay. Our nations historical treasures should be open, free, and available for all  to see, learn  and enjoy our history.  What's next charging to get into Arlington National Cemetery.

I've stopped in a little town called Brattas Mo. Small, nice, and in the middle of nowhere. I just got out of the cherokee indian reservation and am once again among the white man. The reservation was massive, it went on and on and on. There were a few casinos out in the desert but they looked like they only  had indians at them. This white man stayed on his horse. It's 3:45 pm and I'm already tired, so I'm having a coffe and getting recharged. Not sure how far I will get tonight. The way I feel right now not far. But coffe can do wonderful things.

So round up those doggies and off we go.

Up date: 6:30 pm

The girls at the coffe shop took pity on me seeing that I had a blank look on my face as I looked at the map. They asked if they could help. I said I was looking for a place to camp between here and Sturgis. They both laughed and said there is nothing between here and there. They then suggested I take a short cut that will only add 40 miles to my trip. I didn't ask how this qualifies as a short cut, time and distance seems to be lost on the people out here. Anyway they showed me a small road that leads back to I 90 about 100 miles west of Sturgis, they said I would have much better luck there. They said the road is a bit skinny but nice. Boy were they worng, the road was awsome. It went back into this vally and wound around small hills overlooking what looked to me like the movie set of every western I had ever seen. About 45 miles into my ride I came to a school. I hadn't seen a house in 20 miles and looking down the road I couldn't see any for 20 more. I got back on my bike, second wind fully in place and road the last 60 miles. I ended up in some town called Gellit or something like that in Wyoming. I'm found a crappy campsite right in town at "the crazy women campground" sounds like my kind of place. I haven't seen any crazy women yet, but how would I know if I did anyway. My experience leads me to belive they don't look crazy, they are crazy. But I digress.

Tomorrow it's Sturgis and all of it's crazyness, then on home. The google thing says 2100 to go, or there abouts.

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Miles to go before I sleep, miles to go.....GC