Sunday, August 7, 2011

8/07 bigfork montana

Man that was a long ride to nowhere. I tried to get to the road to the sun, but as luck would have it the few hours it was supposed to take me to get there must have been Alaska hours. When I was on the boat they said it was just over the hills up by the boarder. They were right about that, but the hills are very big here. It's sun down and I'm still not there. So time for a new plan.  So I pushed the button on the gps that takes me home. I turned south and went around a lake and tried to find a cheep motel for the night as I was wooped. No dice. So I kept going too the campground. FULL!!!!! Dam it man. After a bit further I found a cheep spot next to a gravel pit.
I went for a ride back towards town after setting up my tent and saw a little road and turned. It lead to this nice little village. Big money, the green money  people that travel by land have their own place, you knew.
I went in to one of the bars and had a beer. Nice place after a long day.
So now my plan is to follow the blue line on the gps for home. I have no idea what the route is but that's half the fun.

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