Monday, August 1, 2011

8/01 the land of the green dollar people

TrEveryday day big boats arrive and discharge thousands of the green dollar people. They come from far and wide and descend and this little town. They walk in circles, taking pictures, buying things and muttering in strange languages. The hawkers stand in doors and try to entice the poor souls in to be fleeced of their green dollars.
Today is a three boat day, some days they can have up to six and this turns the town into a frenzy of shearing the sheep.

I was planning on sleeping late as my ship won't be here until 9:00 pm. That plan was foiled when my mother, who doesn't read my posts apparently called at 4:30 am. So I waited a bit and headed off to find something to east. The coffe shop I saw yesterday said they open at 6, but when I got there at 6:30 they were still closed, so off I went back to the tent. And then I remembered that there was a time chang, so of I went again. After that I headed back to the tenn fore a nap, shortly after falling asleep my sister called. It was nice to hear from my family, but it was clear they were dead set against my nap. So off I went. Back too town for a stroll and see if I could find a coffe house that had wifi. The one I finally had coffe at not only didn't have wifi they had a sign saying no computer work and no filling out post cards at the table. They want to get your money than get you moving. So off I went. Back at the tent I did an inside take down. This is a system I developed during the rain I hard been having and worked well during this cold wind. Basically I get inside and pack everything but the tent, then I get out strap it to the bike and then drop the tent. Fold it up and I'm off.
So I headed out for a ride around a bit to waste some time. That didn't work. The road I was on turned to dirt and wound it's way through some of the best forest I've seen. In no way was this a waste of time.
I'm back in town now, and waiting for my ship to come in, hum I wonder how many off the old timers said that.
Well I'm off

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Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for my ship to come in as well. Hope you get a good one. Keep us posted....GC