Sunday, August 7, 2011


I got up early and had a nice time packing up in the sunshine, what a difference that makes.
The ride out of eastern Washington state was wonderful, sunshine, warm and smooth roads. I made my way to this giant waste of government money. Some bone head in washington dc thought it would be a good idea to build this massive cement wall out in the middle of the desert. But being that the government can't do anything right they built it right on top of a river. Then the damm thing caused massive flooding on the other side, so much flooding that they had to put pipes in it and pump the water out. Dumb assesses that they are they sprayed it all over the desert and now all these fruits and vegetables grow their and that caused all these mexicans to flood across the boarder to sit out there and east to their harts content. And they did all this just to give a bunch of lazy people something to do instead of pulling themselves up buy the boat straps that they didn't have. Luckily the Enron corporation came in and drilled some holes in it and now sells nice, cheap, clean energy to all the little people in the valley, and there was light.
After my little side trip I was off to Hayden lake. My friend moved there right after high school. I hadn't heard from him in 30 years and nobody else had ether. I stopped at a small gas station and looked in the phone book, and by god there he was. So I headed over to his house and had a wonderful time. I spent the night on the softest bed of my trip. Man that was nice.
In the morning I changed my oil on the bike and being a good friend left my old oil for a little keep sake for him, thanks Norm.
I'm on my way home. Okay I'm acutely heading north, not exactly the way home, but I missed a road that everyone tells me I need to go back and do. It's call the road to the sun, or something like that. It's only a few hours in the wrong direction, up in a national park right, so I'm off. I think this will be the last day of sight seeing, then it's the big push for home.

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