Wednesday, August 3, 2011

8/03 the boat ride.

It's the second day on the boat and I'm getting starting to get board. I went to sitka to get some food to east on the boat but after a $12 buys ride to try to save money I discovered that the food cost so much that I could eat for the same price on the boat. So of I went. My new tent arrangement on the lower deck is working out well. There are 12 tents set up there but it's still much calmer than upstairs. I had lunch with Tom And Mary today. Their a very nice couple from south carolina that came up in a truck camper. They've had the same experience in alaska as far a getting the truth as I did.
So I'm headed to shore for the last time before I reach my final destination in Bellingham WA. THE WEATHER IS SUNNY AND WARM!!!
I've been relaxing and recharging my batteries for the trip home. I feel much stronger already and am looking forward to hitting the road again. I had a nice long shower and did my laundry today so I'm getting ready for the final push.
So I'm off to kitchican AK


Anonymous said...

Hope you get to see some whales. If you do you better get some pics. We are in the CONE OF UNCERTAINTY here due to Emily...GC

Anonymous said...

I used to live in Bellingham. It is a beautiful place, especially in the summer! I'm happy to hear all is going well for you! -- Marie in Tampa

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday shipmate....GC