Tuesday, August 2, 2011

8/2 my ship came in

After wondering around as long as I could I headed to the fairy terminal 3 hours early. The wait wasn't bad, I got to talking to some fellow travelers and time passed quickly. After some confusion we made our way on to the ship. The loading process once underway went well. I headed up to the solarium to try to find a place to put my tent. Once again I was given a different truth than the one I found. The tent camping was outside on the aft deck. It was blowing 40 and the crew said they have seen tents full of gear blow away. So off to the loungers I had heard so much about. These are the same loungers you will find around any low rent public pool. They were under a roof of sorts, and had space heaters in the ceiling. There were about 40 of us all together, very together. I was late getting to the deck due to late loading and the need to tie down the bike so most of the obvious spots were already taken. So with deep thought and insight I was able to find a spot everyone overlooked. It was right next to the wall and had the benefit of having a shelf for my book and coffe, there wasn't room for an another lounger next to me. Sweet.
I was able to get 4 hours of sleep before the captain woke us up to tell us we were making a stop somewhere. Thanks.
Once I was up I went exploring and then headed back the luxury of my lounger, only to find some dick head had pulled up a lounger next to me and when I walked over he said in a nice big voice the we were now bunk mates. He then started talking non stop about how far he had ridden and that he was visiting every capital. He then went on about how his girlfriend had bought him a brand new Harley and that she was footing the bill for his trip, he had a $100.dinner last night only stays in nice hotels, no Billy Bob trailers for him, poor bastard. Time for more exploring. On my travels I found a spot down two floors were you could put up a tent. There was only one other tent there and it was perfect. It was under a roof, completely out of the wind and best of all I could get away from the blow hard. Win win. I also found a movie theater, game room, and big lounge, with real lounge chairs. And all the comforts you would expect on a big ship. I don't know why they kept pushing this camping area when there is so much more room else where on the boat. So all is good. I'm in the front observation room, heated, dry, and a park ranger is giving a talk about whales, all the other campers are up in the wind and cold.

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