Thursday, June 30, 2011

10 days to go

Well I'm on the final push. The bike is ready, the money is there and I've got the time off. All thats left is the going. Okay there's the final packing to do but how hard could that be. The problem with planing for so long is that I now have 10 pounds of @#@%#% to stuff in a 5 pound bag. It turns out trying to figure out what to leave out is much harder than figuring out what to put in.
The weather looks like HOTTTTTT for the first few days. Then it's off to the mountains to freeze. Summer time at 7000 feet is still cold at 60 MPH. The west is covered in forest fires, and theres rain in the north, so there is that. The good news is gas prices are falling and it looks like they will continue to fall for some time.
I just got over the black plague that put me on my ass for 4 days, so I got that out of the way, with the added benefit of helping me reach my weight loss goal for the trip. Not the best way to lose that last few pounds, but hey it works.
So Friday morning I load the bike and head off to work. After work I continue my trip north to Tarpon Springs for one last home cooked meal by Mom. On Sunday the trip starts again. Next stop, Deadhorse AK, okay there might be a few stops along the way.
So now it's go time!!!!!

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